Fuel Gauge Calibrator

(1/6/07) Thank you for the corrector! It took me about 15 minutes to install it and it adjusted as per the instructions. For the first time since I bought this car, I will know how much gas it really has in it! Thanks again!

(9/26/06) I have one of these installed in my 9c1. It was very simple to install and works well. Thanks Brad!

Bradley is the man!!! He installed mine last night. Works perfect!!!! And with the price of the kit you CAN'T GO WRONG!!! It is a very easy fix and if you can operate a screw driver and strip BUT NOT CUT a wire, then you can do it in about 10 min max. And most of the time spent on the fix is spent pulling the trim away from the carpet, and then putting it back.

I have installed my kit and it works great!!!!
No more guessing how much gas you have in the tank.
Thanks Brad.

Most excellent service from Bradley. Very top rate. I haven`t installed the calibrator yet just wanted to say thanks to Bradley.

Great product, price, and service!
Thanks Brad.

BIG THANKS to Bradley @ (www.fuelgaugecalibrator.com) for his fuel gauge calibrator fix. This was a SUPER easy install...about 10 minutes total and VERY easy to do... a no "brainer", trust me.... now I don't have to worry about the "wrong fuel level" problem..... check out his website for info.....

Just gotta tell everyone how satisfied I am with everything. If you're considering doing this mod, just go ahead and take the 2 minutes to email Brad and get this part. I ordered one before I realized I only lived about 30 min from his house, so he invited me to come out and he'd help me install it. It was a VERY easy install! Plus I got the chance to hang out and experience his 6 speed impala.
I was surprised at how good the quality is. This isn't just some home-made looking piece of garbage. Everything is soldered and shrink wrapped with terrific quality. And COME ON! For 15 bucks to your door!? Don't be cheap now!

I just installed Brad Salemie's $15 fuel guage kit that he is selling over on the ImapalaSS forum. Follow his instructions and then adjust to bring the pointer down to full - assuming you have a full tank - which will only cost you like $200 these days and times.
Works like a charm!

Great kit Brad!!
Installed mine in about 45mins and works great.
Wish I had done this long ago. Now I can watch my $3 a gallon gas disappear realtime.
Instructions were great, pictures helped a lot.

I got my kit on friday, nice job on the instructions.
-New Brunswick, NJ

That is so easy it took me 5 minutes to install mine. They need to put Bradley on the cheap parts list on the forum because he killing the SuperStore prices they want $66.95 for the same thing.
-San Antonio, TX

Well, got mine installed in the RMW this past weekend. The instructions were well written, took me less than half an hour to install.
Having done the 'crimp' method though, I think the solder method would be easier. Probably look a little cleaner too although, once reassembled, you don't know it's there.
The calibrator itself is very well assembled.

True Dat! My 95 RMW took the kit without a hitch, works great!
Before the adjuster was installed I was above or at Full for over 100 miles. Mike P. (DDBeast) purchased 2 from this guy at Pocono. We installed it in his wagon and then mine. Instructions are accurate, simple and to the point.
After the adjuster was installed my needle was adjusted to dead on Full with a full tank. After only 30 miles it began to move towards E! I can only speak for the first quarter tank so far but at a quarter of my usual mileage on a tank, the gauge read 3 quarters full! It is fully adjustable with the turn of a screwdriver. This is a cheap fix when compared to the other units out there.
Mike P. had his installed in about 10 minutes from start to finish! I'm not as handy with the wire cutters and crimpers but I still had mine completed in about 30 minutes (believe me - I am the exception!)
Great product!
-Charlotte, NC

I received my kit today. Fast shipping by the way. No problem to install and it adjusted very easily. Now maybe I won't run out of fuel again.

Hey guys Brad installed my fuel gauge kit yesterday with no problem. Thanks Brad! It is a really neat and efficient kit. It's not hard to install at all either. I strongly suggest investing one in asap.
-Washington, DC

I got mine last week and the install took 30min. max. The gas gauge now actually works! It dosen't stay at full for half the tank then drop anymore.
The calibration for the full tank took some fiddling around to nail down. I thought that the concrete pad at the gas station was level but it was barely off, and the gauge registered that tiny difference! I think I adjusted it 3-4 times in various locations before putting the kick panel back. Top end is nailed now. I have yet to run the tank down but I will be paying close attention to how much gas is left compared to the gauge, I hope it's dead on.
Thanks for putting this product together.

Got mine Saturday, thanks for the fast service Brad. Now I have to go take a loan to fill my gas tank.

Got the kit today, took about 30 minutes to install and adjust.
Works perfectly so far. I haven't driven it enough to get low on fuel, so we'll see, but I figure it'll work fine. So inexpensive and so easy! I was planning on dropping the tank to fix it, so this was a pleasant alternative.
I get really tickled when I can get something like that fixed so easily. The wife heard me giggling in the garage and came out to check on me.
I did notice that the instructions are for the 94-96 model years.
Mine is a 91. It had only 2 purple wires...one thick and one thin.
The thin one was the correct one in this case. Don't know if mine is unusual or if all the 91s are like that. Might be something to add to you instructions???
Thanks one more time...

I'd say overall my gauge is more accurate after Brad's calibrator, so I am happy.

Installed mine, worked like a charm. I noticed that on my car that the smallest purple wire was also the darkest purple color. The instructions were great, very simple.

Brad helped install mine as well...more than thrilled with the performance of this mod. Cheap mod, but well manufactured. Quick and simple to install; and Brad is very helpful! If u havenít, u should!
This thing works, THANX BRAD. Everyone should do this!
This mod is a definite MUST! I spent my sunday helping my brother (MDTrooper314) and Brad (MD6speed) putting in a new AC compressor. Decided to go ahead and slap the fuel fix kit on; and I've been more than impressed. quite simple and effective. I recommend that everyone to get a kit and instructions. Just saw the instructions that include the pics and it seems to be very helpful.
-Fort Washington, MD


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