Fuel Gauge Calibrator

The fuel gauge calibrator is 100% guaranteed to calibrate the "Full" end of your fuel gauge.

If it does not perform properly as indicated in the installation instructions, send an e-mail with an explanation of your experience to bradley@fuelgaugecalibrator.com and I will refund the price you paid for the kit once you return your fuel gauge calibrator. Returned fuel gauge calibrators must be sent at the customer's expense.
(Shipping and handling refunds are not available for obvious reasons.)

Please note that the calibrator is not guaranteed to calibrate the low end of the fuel gauge. However, after installation of my kit the low end usually ends up functioning significantly more accurate than it did before.
Remember that your fuel pump is in the gas tank and the lower you let the gas level get in the tank, the less cooling the fuel pump receives. Less cooling means shorter fuel pump life.


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